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Amber and Sharon Low Vision Exams

The Community Low Vision Center offers compassionate, individualized attention in a holistic approach to rehabilitation for people of all ages with reduced or diminishing vision. With specialized professionals ready to help, and a complete line of low vision and adaptive technologies to improve quality of life, our programs help people with low vision learn to live as independently as possible.

Low Vision Exams and Services

Low Vision Eye Exam At the Community Low Vision Center, we work with patients who have experienced vision loss due to conditions such as: macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetes, stroke, retinitis pigmentosa, ocular albinism, optic neuropathy and many other conditions. Individuals may have loss of central or peripheral vision, problems with glare and light sensitivity, distortion or missing areas in vision as well as generalized blur.

Our services are customized for each patron based on his or her needs. We offer services for people of all ages, from pre-school to the golden years.

These specialized services include:

  • Examinations by highly trained low vision doctors
  • Hands-On Training with the newest adaptive technologies
  • Low vision community & national resources
  • Demonstration and sale of video magnifiers and other devices
  • Information about adaptive computer technology
  • Coordination of care with school services and eye care providers
  • Practical experience to achieve personal goals

Focus On Literacy

Young Boy at Screen Reader By providing the most appropriate adaptive technology for school-aged children in NC who are visually impaired, WSIFB solves what is often a significant obstacle for parents, who are unable to access school equipment for home use.  Through Focus on Literacy, specialized equipment is placed in the child’s home for unlimited access outside of the classroom. This life-changing program offers children the chance to read for pleasure or complete assignments independently. Through contributions from our donor community, WSIFB makes dreams come true for these children and their families.

Adaptive Technology 

WSIFB leverages adaptive technology to expand opportunities at work and home, for both employees and members of our community, providing state-of-the-art technology and training free-of-charge. As an example, these specialized pieces of high-tech equipment make it possible for blind employees to produce a variety of textile products—jobs which were once available only to sighted employees.

Recycle for Sight

The Community Low Vision Center is proud to refurbish and redistribute donated magnifiers to individuals who are visually impaired, free of charge.  Supported through partnership with the North Carolina Lions Foundation, this program helps countless people be self-sufficient. 

How You Can Help: In addition to leaving eyeglasses in marked Lions’ receptacles found at many optical centers, you may now turn in magnifiers and other optical aids that are no longer being used.


Contact Information: Community Low Vision Map

Community Low Vision Center
7730 North Point Drive
Winston-Salem, NC 27106

Phone: 336.245.5672

Fax: 336.245.0640




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